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Compose polished documents from the contents of your conversations automatically

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Set reminders and automatically track important action items for later

Optimize Customer Engagement with Streamlined AI Summaries

Integrate smarter customer conversations into your workflow.

Connect Slack and Hubspot to receive AI-generated summaries and call transcripts directly where you work. Make informed decisions quickly and keep your CRM effortlessly updated with key data from every interaction.

Briefly now supports over 40 languages 🌎

Transcribe and summarize your conversations in the language spoken on the call

Briefly in Action: Role-Specific Use Cases

Discover how different roles leverage our platform to optimize their workflows and enhance productivity

AI-Boosted Customer Success

Elevate your CSM game with AI. Automate tasks, capture critical feedback, and dive deep into insights to foster stronger client relationships.
Discover How AI Transforms CSM

AI-Driven Account Management

Discover how AI empowers Account Managers to craft impactful campaigns, streamline feedback, and solidify client relationships. Dive deeper into the future of account management
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AI in Product Management

Explore the impact of AI on Product Management and how it capture, analyze, and share feedback effectively. This allows modern PMs to streamline tasks, and enhance creative thinking in the product development cycle by synthesizing data-driven insights from across the org and key customers.
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See how teams transformed their meeting experience with Briefly. Hear directly from our customers on how they’ve implemented Briefly into their workflows and benefited from our platform.

I’ve been using it to help transcribe & summarize my Google Meets, and it’s been a game-changer. I don’t have to worry about taking notes, remembering action items, or who’s supposed to handle what. Their AI gathers all of that info and shares it w/ me via email after the meeting is done.If you’re a Google shop and you find yourself struggling to remember post-meeting action items, I highly recommend giving it a whirl.

A.J. Alonzo

Director of Marketing @ demandDrive

Awesome app that allows me to 100% focus on the meeting without having to worry about note taking and capturing key takeaways - the app does it all automatically. Game-changer!

Samantha Doctora

🎉 We're live on Product Hunt and would really appreciate your support!
Briefly AI - AI meeting summaries, follow-up emails, and deliverables | Product Hunt

Introducing BrieflyCreate

Transform your meeting transcripts into polished documents and post-meeting deliverables.

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Stay organized and never miss a thing

Briefly transcribes all your meetings automatically and categorizes them based on their content in order to make it easier to find specific discussions at a later time.

Objective summaries and takeaways

Briefly uses GPT to summarize transcriptions, pull out key insights and personalized action items so you don't have to comb through transcripts to synthesize notes.

Personalized follow ups and documents

Timely follow ups and accurate action items can lead to greater close rates and productivity. Briefly automatically drafts your follow ups so you can get them out faster and be more productive.

Briefly supports over 12 languages.

You can capture the transcription and generate summaries in the language that was spoken on the call

Capture transcripts and generate AI summaries

Focus on keeping your team aligned and moving fast. Capture important details and insights without the distraction of note-taking.

Automatically receive all your summaries to your inbox

After your meeting is over, get a copy of your transcript and all your AI generated summaries delivered directly to your email so they're ready to share.

Access all your calls, summaries and transcripts in one place

View and store all your summaries, transcripts, and notes without leaving your extension. Quickly paste them where it's convenient for you.

Generate AI follow up emails

Automatically craft personalized post-meeting emails based on the decisions made in your call and get better engagement and response rates.