Elevate Every Customer Interaction with AI

Briefly Success is a new product from Briefly that enhances customer relationships by remembering important customer details, automating outreach reminders and updating your CRM

Remember everything about your customers

AI customer profiles

Briefly builds customer profiles for you based on all of your interactions with customers. Automatically track important dates, org structure and decision makers, personal details, and trends over time.

Be prepared for every customer meeting

AI Pre-meeting agendas

Briefly will send you pre-meeting briefs for every customer meeting recapping important details about your customers and notes from your last call with them.

Turn Reactive Routines into
Productive Realities with Briefly

Reduce Admin Tasks

CRM updates after every call

Automatically update your CRM after every meeting, eliminate manual data entry and ensure all client interactions are archived accurately.

Be more proactive with your relationships

AI summaries after every call

Briefly intelligently suggests follow-ups, analyzes account health, and puts together account growth plans based on the transcript of your calls with customers, allowing you to be more proactive with your relationships

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Notes and Call Transcript

Transcribe any meeting in over 40 different languages and capture AI notes

AI Summaries

Get personalized AI summary, key insights and action items after every call

Briefly Create

Transform your meeting into polished documents and post-meeting deliverables.

Follow-up emails

Get personalized AI summary, key insights and action items after every call

AI meeting summaries, insights, and follow ups

Reduce churn.
Build proactive relationships.
Grow NRR.

Unlock revenue from your existing customers with AI

Increase NRR with AI Insights

🌟 Identify Upsell and
Cross-sell Opportunities

After every meeting automatically generate account growth plans and anticipate customer needs based on the transcript of your calls.

💬 Anticipate and
Reduce Churn

Share customer insights and account health trends with your team to improve alignment and decision making across the organization.

🤖 Automatically update
your CRM

Update your CRM directly from Slack after receiving and reviewing growth opportunities based on your latest call.

Are you leaving revenue on the table?

It is 5x more expensive to close a new customer than it is to retain or upsell an existing customer.

Streamline and optimize your upsell process by automatically detecting upsell opportunities and flags for churn. Everything you've wanted to know about your accounts is all in one place.

Integrated with your favorite tools.

We are compatible with the tools you already use every day.

View and approve meeting information in Slack and automatically send it into your CRM.

Missing an integration? Let us now.

Try Briefly for your call transcriptions, AI summaries, and insights

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Have tried several tools to transcribe our calls and nothing comes close to Briefly! One of the best products I have come across in the recent past.

Karan Prasad


Awesome app that allows me to 100% focus on the meeting without having to worry about note taking and capturing key takeaways.

Samantha Doctora


This thing is insane.Exactly what I needed instead of 5 notebooks with various clients all over the place.I’m a lifer. Incredible.

Jimmy Hackett

Role / Reactify

This AI-powered tool has streamlined our follow up process, allowing us to deliver clear, concise, and engaging communications with ease.


Role / Harri

It’s been a game-changer.I don’t have to worry about taking notes, remembering action items, or who’s supposed to handle what.


Director of Marketing / demandDrivean

AI Summary and AI Follow up emails are awesome. Briefly is already mature and powerful, with no BOT / GHOST when using GMeet

Christophe HK

Role / Harri

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