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I’ve been using it to help transcribe & summarize my Google Meets, and it’s been a game-changer.I don’t have to worry about taking notes, remembering action items, or who’s supposed to handle what. Their AI gathers all of that info and shares it w/ me via email after the meeting is done.If you’re a Google shop and you find yourself struggling to remember post-meeting action items, I highly recommend giving it a whirl.

A.J. Alonzo

Director of Marketing @ demandDrive

Awesome app that allows me to 100% focus on the meeting without having to worry about note taking and capturing key takeaways - the app does it all automatically. Game-changer!

Samantha Doctora


Alright y’all...LTD me after 3 minutes. This thing is insane.Exactly what I needed instead of 5 notebooks with various clients all over the place.I’m a lifer. Incredible.

Jimmy Hackett

Other at Firegang

Have tried several tools to transcribe our calls and nothing comes close to Briefly! One of the best products I have come across in the recent past.Several of my contacts ask about the tool when the G Meet call begins and are blown away when the see the end result! (edited)

Karan Prasad

WOW ! Impressed ! First meeting along with Briefly this morning and the results is above my expectations, AWESOME ! My meeting was in french language : the transcript is not so bad (even if could be better) and Briefly is designed to work with english, but there’s some ways to “hack” that by adding something like “use french language” when using the deliverables prompts. AI Summary and AI Follow up emails are aweseome. I really DO love Briefly ! I’ll have suggestion to add support for other languages, but I think that would be the only one request I’ll do, Broefly is already mature and powerful, with no BOT / GHOST when using GMeet : Wow

Christophe HK