Transforming Meeting Notes with GPT: How Large Language Models Can Help Your Team Make Better Decisions

June 8, 2023

Meetings are an essential part of work and decision making for most knowledge workers. However, many individuals, teams, and organizations have a lot of inefficiencies associated with meetings. For example, knowledge is often lost as busy people run from meeting to meeting, action items are forgotten, and notes are incomplete. This can lead to people forgetting what they talked about and having the same discussions over and over again.

One solution to this problem is to use text to speech models to create transcripts of meetings. This allows for the creation of a written record of the meeting, which can be referred to later. However, these transcripts can be long and difficult to read, making it hard to distill key insights and action items.

Recently, large language models like GPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer) have shown great potential in organizing and structuring unstructured data such as meeting transcripts. By using GPT to summarize meeting notes and distill action items, themes, and insights across meetings, we can save individuals and teams hours of time each day. This can lead to better decision-making, greater productivity, more objectivity, and greater profitability for companies.

For example, in user research, GPT can be used to quickly read through dozens of user interview transcripts, distill key themes and insights across all of the interviews, and validate whether key hypotheses were proven and disproven across the whole set of user interviews. GPT can also categorize the user interviews based on traits such as company size and personas.

In weekly team syncs, GPT can automatically distill personalized action items for each participant, making it easier to act on decisions and for those who were not physically present in the meeting to stay up to date with decisions. 

For sales and customer support, GPT can generate insights on how to improve the sales and support provided and coach reps with personalized insights.

Overall, the use of large language models like GPT in summarizing and organizing meeting notes can greatly improve the efficiency and productivity of individuals, teams, and organizations. By quickly distilling key insights and action items, GPT can help drive better decision-making and greater success for companies.