Generate Briefly summaries for ALL of your transcripts and text files

June 8, 2023

You might already be using Briefly for AI note-taking, summarization, and follow-ups on Google Meet, but we know teams conduct meetings across many platforms -- Zoom, Teams, WebEx, Discord to name a few. 

While we haven’t built Briefly for every meeting platform, we firmly believe that everyone should have access to the remarkable benefits of Briefly's AI-powered note-taking, summaries, and follow-ups, regardless of the platform they use. That's why we're excited to introduce our latest tools, designed to ensure that you never have to take manual notes again, no matter which conferencing tool you prefer.

Seamless Transcription Uploads:

Hosting meetings on Zoom or Microsoft Teams? You can now directly upload your meeting transcripts to Briefly. This new feature allows you to focus on your discussions without distraction, while still letting Briefly handle the summarization after.

Summarizing Any Text:

Briefly doesn't stop at meeting transcripts. Whether you have a report, an article, or even video closed captions in text form, just provide the text and you can generate insightful AI summaries for various text formats.

Dashboard Summaries:

We've enhanced your Briefly dashboard - AI-generated summaries are now available there, giving you a centralized place to access all your summaries.

Let us know how Briefly is transforming your meeting workflows at