AI Powered Meeting Outcomes: Briefly is now live on Product Hunt

May 9, 2023

We're thrilled to announce our first Product Hunt launch and introduce Briefly to the community. 

As a team of seasoned marketers, product managers, sales people, venture capitalists, and founders, meetings have always been a significant part of our work. As a fully remote global team, taking notes and managing follow-ups has been cumbersome, leaving us overwhelmed with the tedious work of capturing and manually transcribing important details instead of focusing on making key business decisions. 

That's why we created Briefly! To make the most out of the knowledge shared in meetings, our AI-powered platform transcribes meetings in real-time, summarizes notes by topic, records and assigns action items by participant, and generates personalized follow-up emails. 

By leveraging Briefly, users can streamline their post-meeting workflow by transforming brainstorm meetings into product requirement documents, pitch meetings into investment memos, and interviews into articles. Anything that was discussed in your conversation can be converted into the project deliverable of your choice.

We'd love for you and your team to give Briefly a try and share your thoughts with us. 

You can support us on Product Hunt by following these 3 steps: