Boost Your Meeting Efficiency: 5 Proven Productivity Tips

August 14, 2023

In today's fast-paced hybrid work landscape, meetings play a pivotal role in collaboration and decision-making. Yet, we've all been part of meetings that seemed to drag on, leaving us wondering about their true impact. Now that AI can make meetings more efficient, focused, and purposeful for the yourself, your team, and the org, here are some tips for running better meetings:

1. Prioritize your attendee list

The first step in improving your meetings is optimizing your attendee list. Instead of flooding the meeting room with unnecessary participants, only include core decision-makers who can contribute meaningfully. This saves valuable time for everyone involved and for everyone else who now has one less meeting on their calendar.

2. Set objectives ahead of time

Set the stage for productive meetings by creating and sharing specific meeting objectives. Unclear agendas often lead to unfocused conversations. With Briefly Create, you can use the contents of your last call to set the agenda for your follow-up call with a prompt from our library. When all participants understands the purpose of the meeting, it'll guide the meeting's direction and flow.

3. Eliminate distractions

One of the challenges in remote meetings is the temptation to multitask, leading to diluted outcomes. Participants should be prepared to fully contribute or skip the meeting.

4. Balance conversations

Ensuring balanced participation in meetings is crucial for driving true consensus. AI-powered transcription apps like Briefly provide data into talk time so you can quickly identify patterns like who is dominating, interrupting or not participating. Let organizers steer the conversation, ensuring that each participant's voice is heard.

5. Timely assignment and follow-ups

Whether it's sending post-meeting summaries or sending out action items from your meeting to relevant stakeholders, maintain momentum from your meeting with timely follow-ups. If you're in back-to-back meetings, you may not have time to completes these right away. Tools like Briefly simplifies task tracking, making sure that the outcomes of your meeting are captured and action items and responsibilities are assigned.

In conclusion, running better meetings increases transparency, ensures everyone is aligned, and ultimately reduces the number of ineffective and excessive meetings on the calendar.